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  1. You asked to have us start a thread by replying. So I’m gonna reply, and start this thing off. I absolutely love your site, but I’m not exactly well off, so I’m using the free version. My question is: Will there ever be a way to add pictures, or even make your own creative pages for a “Quote”?

    I like being able to be creative, and I get that lots of people have crazy hectic schedules. Hey, I’m one, but I also don’t like just having mundane pages, when I post in my journal, or even a thought.

    Maybe this could be more like a creative spot, and make it more fun if people have the time at the end of a day when they journal?

    Suggestions…. and me just weighing in. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for being the first and we apologize it took so long to get back to you! We can really relate to crazy hectic schedules and we will be more responsive in the future! We actually have talked about being able to include photos and its on our list of things we’d like to come back to for the future. So we’re glad to know that idea would be well received! In the meantime, we appreciate the idea that journals are a creative space. We’ll look to see if there are some ways we can make them more expressive and less of a blank page – that is terrific feedback and we get it! Our goal is to make Mapling a fun experience, something you enjoy doing each day. Keep those suggestions coming and we’ll keep working on them! Happy Mapling!!

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