Take Notes Combo

Notes is a powerful Feature that gives you the flexibility to quickly add whatever you want to in Maple.

What You Already Have

You’ve already got the ability to add an unlimited number of unreferenced Notes into Maple. It includes the choice to use the Organizer, Reminder and Share options. Notes are available on your Notes page from the My Stuff menu or in Recent Stuff on your Dashboard.

Your Maple Upgrade: Take Notes Combo

Gain the ability to add a reference to a specific Book or Course when you create a Note. This is a particularly useful feature for students or lifelong learners, but organizers and collectors will appreciate it as well.

The upgrade unlocks simple to use fields that allow you to include core information (like Title and Author) about a Book or Course with each Note. This gives you additional options to find and manage your Notes.

With the Take Notes Combo you can locate Notes by the name of the Book/Course or the Author/Instructor in your Things Menu. You’ll also see that Notes for a specific Book or Course are grouped together on the Notes page from your Stuff menu. Making it easy to find and review all of your Notes for a Course at once.

When you upgrade you get the reference fields for both Books and Courses. This is an account unlock, which means that the upgrade is available to you as long as the account is active.

Interested in upgrading? Check out the Maple Store.

Take Notes Duo in the Store
Please go to the Maple Store for the most current offerings and pricing.