Journal Collection

The Maple Journal feature is private personal online journal.

What You Already Have

The personal Journal comes with unlimited entry size, adjustable entry date (so you can enter missed days or transcribe from a paper journal) and all of the Organizer features (Categories, Sub-categories and Tags). You can easily determine the number of entries you’ve made to a journal, which allows you to use different options in the Goals feature for Journaling as well. The personal Journal is also part of the Thought Partner feature allowing you to share certain entries with trusted Maple users, like a therapist, coach, colleague or close friend.

Your Maple Upgrade: Journal Collection

With the Journal Collection you get the ability to write in up to five journals in addition to your free personal journal. Each journal comes with all of the features and functionality that is standard in the personal journal, and you can give each a customized name to help you classify its contents, like “Project Journal” or “Therapy Journal”.

Keeping multiple journals give you added flexibility in how to maintain and organize your entries beyond the Category and Tag features. Work exactly how you want to in your journal, dedicating journals to specific topics, projects or activities. Perfect for keep tracking of personal fitness goals, capturing important information while planning an event or as a tool for personal development initiatives. You can access each of your journals from any device you use Maple on.

This is a subscription unlock, which means that the upgrade is available for as long as you keep the monthly subscription.

Journal Comparison

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