Get More Maple

You’ll find Maple comes with a lot of options and features.  And they are free! Hooray!

As you Maple on, you may find you need even More Maple capabilities.  We get that!  It happens to us too.  Here are some of the options you’ll find in the Maple Store to make your Maple experience exactly what you need it to be.  Remember you can access the Maple Store by going to My Maple/Store when you are in Maple.

Take Notes Combo

Gain the ability to add and manage Notes for a specific Book or Course when you create a Note. This is a particularly useful feature for students or lifelong learners, but organizers and collectors will appreciate it as well.

Custom Reflection Packages

Maple Reflection prompts are thought starters you can use on their own or with the personal journal.  The Custom Reflection Packages available in the Maple Store give you more options for inspiration.

Journal Collection

The Maple Journal feature is private personal online journal. The Journals Collection gives you even more flexibility for your journaling needs.

Tracker & Journal Combo’s

Journaling is a powerful tool on its own, but when combined with tracking capability it can give you twice as much information for developing insight. Maple has two great tracker and journal combination packages, one for tracking sleep and one for keeping tabs on your stress.