Stuff and Things

In Maple we think about the content you add as two groups: Stuff and Things. We differentiate to help you quickly find what you want and so we can offer specific capabilities for each.

Stuff is anything that you are directly putting into Maple. These are items that you have a personal connection to. Here are some examples of Stuff:

  • Thoughts
  • Notes
  • Journal entries
  • Reflection responses
  • Self-study responses

You enter your Stuff into Maple and, when you do, we prompt you to include information about the Thing it is related to. Once your Stuff is in Maple you can add, edit, delete, categorize, tag, search, or even share it with a Thought Partner. If you decide to organize within Maple you can create Categories (with Sub Categories) and Tags, these are part of your Stuff as well.

Things are often associated with or the source of your Stuff. For example, if you enter Self Study Responses from a book you are reading the Book is a Thing. Here are some other examples of Things:

  • Person
  • Song
  • TV/Movie
  • Course

We add Things to Maple for you when you enter your Stuff, but you can view or edit Things if you need to. In the future we will try to verify Things, so we can show you the correct spelling or title.

On your Thing pages, wherever we can we give you reference links to external sources (like Wikipedia or iMDB) we do. Just in case you want to know a bit more about it.

Looking for your Stuff or Things?  Just use the menus at the top.

Stuff and Things menu

Happy Mapling!