We like to think of Maple as an extension of the mind. A place where you can put your deepest thoughts, dreams, insights and even fears knowing they are safe. Safe from other people seeing them and safe from being lost. Who wants to journal your innermost ideas if someone else knows what you are writing or it won’t be there the next time you want to read it?

Private and protected are really important in Maple.

So important we wanted to make sure that the design of Maple kept your content anonymous. And that is what we did. If you are curious about how that works read on!

When you create a Maple Account you are asked to login using an ID and password from another source. Let’s call those other sources the Bouncers, because that’s who is checking your ID. For Maple the Bouncers are Facebook, Google and Microsoft. You login with one of them and they make sure its correct. If it’s not, the process stops there but if everything looks good your Bouncer sends Maple a code. And that is all they send. No name. No ID. No password. No location. Just a code that they made up.

We take that code and use it to create your Maple account. Each time you log in, your Bouncer sends that code and it directs you to the content you are adding into Maple. That is how we keep your account private.

Once you add something to Maple it has to be there the next time you want to see it. Maple is even better than your brain that way, because it doesn’t forget or misplace things. And that’s one of the points of Maple, it handles the overflow when you have a lot on your mind.

To make sure it is there when you need it, Maple takes your entries and sends them securely to the cloud. What exactly does securely mean? Well in this case it means your information is encrypted while it travels from Maple to its home in the cloud. Once it gets there it’s regularly monitored and backed up. That keeps Maple healthy and available which means your valuable entries protected.

Want to know more? Check out the Maple privacy policy. If you have specific questions about privacy or how Maple handles your content just ask. You can use the Contact Us page or the Help! options inside of Maple.