Anything new, whether it’s a new app or a new car, can take a little getting used to. Of course, sometimes even when you are an old pro, questions or unexpected things can happen. That’s why its good to have options to get the assistance you want. Maple gives you Help choices that meet your different needs.

There are lots of useful resources right here in the Maple Insider. The Features pages gives you a snapshot of what is available in the app and how to use it. Many times you can find creative new ways to use Maple in the Blog the entries.

Not quite what you needed? No problem. Use the Contact page to pass along feedback, ask questions, or get in touch about contributing a blog or testimonial. You aren’t required to give any contact info from this page but if you want a response it’s highly recommended.

You can get Help from within Maple too. Go to My Maple and choose Help! From here you have three options, each with a different level of anonymity.

For general inquiries you can use the link to the Maple Insider. Perfect if you have suggestions for us.

If you want to ask a specific question that is not necessarily about your account, Personal E-mail is the way to go. You’ll get a response back, via email, with the info you need. This is super helpful if you have a question about how to use a particular feature. And at no time is this e-mail linked to your Maple account, so while we correspond with you, your Maple info remains anonymous.

Got a question or concern about your account? Use the Send a System Message option. Be sure to include a description so we know what to check for you. But don’t include any personal information (like your name or e-mail address). We’ll go to the account that sent the message and investigate. Once we have some information there will be a Notification on your User Dashboard. This lets you get specific account issues resolved and still remain anonymous to us.

So confidently Maple On!  We’ve got you covered.