Device Notifications

With Maple you capture what is on your mind anytime, anywhere on any device.  By using the Maple app with Device Notifications, you can also get notified of your Maple Dashboard messages on any device*.

Plus, you can customize the settings for each device.  Easily turn all your notifications on or off, or select certain types of notifications that you want to receive.  Check out the Maple How To for step by step instructions. It’s just another way to customize your Maple experience based on your needs.

Here are all of the Maple Notification options you can manage:

Enable Notifications – Located at the top of the Device Notifications page, this option allows you to quickly turn on or off all notifications for this device.

System Notifications – There several types of messages considered to be System Notifications.  For example, messages sent directly to your Maple Dashboard by the Maple Help team after you make an inquiry.  These can also be Maple Memos (broadcast messages) about system maintenance or upgrades. In general, this type of notification happens fairly infrequently.

Billing Notifications – These messages help you keep tabs on your Maple Account by notifying you ahead of each upcoming subscription renewal period or if your saved credit card expires.

Partner Notifications – You receive a message each time one of your Thought Partners shares something with you or comments on something you’ve shared with them.  You’ll also receive a message when your Thought Partner invitations are accepted.

Goal Notifications – This is a feature reminder.  Maple sends you a little prompt when you have an active goal you are working towards.  You’ll also receive a message when you accomplish a goal you’ve set.  (You can set this feature reminder on the My Maple/Settings page.)

Stuff Reminders – These are the reminders you add to your individual Stuff entries, like a Note or a Quote (or any Stuff type). They periodically remind you to come back to something you’re not done with and you wanted to look at again.

Reflection Reminders – This is a feature reminder.  By turning this on you get a message periodically reminding you to write Reflections.  (You can set this feature reminder on the My Maple/Settings page.)

Journal Reminders – This is a feature reminder.  By opting into this reminder, you receive a message periodically with a gentle nudge to encourage you to write in your journal.  Since you have the option to keep more then one Journal Type, you can manage the reminder for each Journal, including its frequency, from the My Journals page and using the Edit button.

Whew!  Maple is making it easy for you to remember to come back to the things that are important to you.  Don’t worry if you don’t remember all of these, there is a brief description of each on the Device Notifications page.

Remember you can already see these notifications at the top of your Dashboard, in the Messages tile or on the Messages Page.  The Device Notifications feature allows you to also receive the notifications directly to your device.

To use this feature you have to download and install the Maple app.  Check out the Microsoft and Google Play stores and search for Maple.

*Using an Apple device?  No problem click here for more info.