Some of what happens in Maple is just part of how the system works, but we want you to know about it. That way you can decide how you want to use Maple and get the most of your Mapling experience.

Click a Function below to go to the page with a full description and, if appropriate, links to a How To page with step by step instructions for using it.

Stuff and Things

Looking for your content? Here’s a quick description of Stuff and Things (that’s how we refer to what you are entering into Maple). We differentiate to help you quickly find what you want and so we can offer specific capabilities for each.


We like to think of Maple as an extension of the mind. A place where you can put your deepest thoughts, dreams, insights and even fears knowing they are safe. Safe from other people seeing them and safe from being lost. Who wants to journal your innermost ideas if someone else knows what you are writing or it won’t be there the next time you want to read it?


Anything new, whether it’s a new app or a new car, can take a little getting used to. Of course, sometimes even when you are an old pro, questions or unexpected things can happen. That’s why its good to have options to get the assistance you want. Maple gives you Help choices that meet your different needs.

Device Notifications

With Maple you capture what is on your mind anytime, anywhere on any device. By using the Maple app with Device Notifications, you can also get notified of your Maple Dashboard messages on any device.

Plus, you can customize the settings for each device. Easily turn all your notifications on or off, or select certain types of notifications that you want to receive.