One of the benefits of journaling is the chance to think deeply (or reflect) on different topics. Sometimes we need a prompt on exactly what to bring our attention to when we journal. This is where the Reflections included in Maple are especially helpful.

Reflections are thought starters in the form of questions or statements for you to consider plus room for your reactions. If the prompt isn’t inspiring, use the Next button to move forward through the list of prompts. Changed your mind and prefer a prompt you’ve already seen? Use the Prev button to go backwards in the list of prompts.

Tip: The Prev button is only visible if you have moved past the first prompt in the list for that day . If you reach the end of the list of prompts in a single day the Next button will disappear.

Once you begin your Reflection entry you’ll see that a word count appears just below the entry box on the right side so if you are counting, you can make sure you reach a minimum number of words. The Organizer and Thought Partner features of Maple are also available in any Reflection. Plus you can set an individual reminder for a Reflection entry if you need to come back to it later.

Next time you are struggling for an idea to journal, don’t worry Maple will get you started with 15 free Reflection prompts . For more to think on, there are customized Reflection Packages available in the Maple Store (purchase is required).

Check out the Maple How To: Using Reflections for step by step instructions.