“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” – Maya Angelou

Maple lets you record your favorite quotes because we recognize they can be a source of inspiration, recreation or contemplation for you. The need to be inspired can happen at any time. Or anywhere.

With Maple, you have the option to capture those special tidbits whenever you want and from the people, books, movies, shows, songs, etc that are the most meaningful to you. You get room to collect all the information you need to properly cite your sources so you can return to them again. (In the future, if it happens to be a quote from something we have already verified, we’ll even give you the correct spelling.) Plus we know you want to treat that quote with the care and consideration it needs, because copyright law is no joke. Its wonderful to be moved by someone’s words, but its not OK to use those words without permission.

Besides, the real power of using Quotes in Maple is having the opportunity to understand what it means to you and why. So Maple gives you plenty of room to explain what was happening (the context of the quote) and why you wanted to capture it (your Thoughts). You can even set a reminder to re-read it and consider it again. Insight usually comes in a moment of deep thought and that’s what Maple is there to enable.

QOD flagHere’s something else, once you have 15 quotes in Maple you can display them as your own personal Quote of the Day. That is guaranteed inspiration! To turn on the Quote of the Day go to the My Maple menu and click on Settings. Then scroll down to the Dashboard section and under Features slide the selector to “Yes” for Show my Quote of the Day. Its that simple!