Categories and Tags

We talk a lot about using Maple to help manage what you have on your mind. Which sounds like a great idea, only how do you get started? Here are some quick tips on what you can do with Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags.

First, remember Maple is designed to let you use its features however you like. You can use (or not use) whatever makes sense to you. Here are some common ways to use the Organizer features:

  • Categories – A way to collect your stuff into broad groups.
  • Sub-Categories – Available within a Category to further refine the grouping.

Tips: You can only select one Category at a time. You must have a Category to use a Sub-Category (they are hierarchical).

  • Tag – A way to identify your Stuff.

Tips: You can assign multiple Tags to Stuff.

Tags, Categories and Sub-Categories (we call these the Organizer features) can be included on almost anything you add to Maple. You define those values (ie the name of a Category or Tag) from their own pages (which are called, My Categories, My Sub-Categories or My Tags).

You can also create Organizer values for Categories or Tags on the fly while adding in your Stuff entries. (For example, you could create a new Tag while entering a new Thought.) Check out a How To if you need some help.

Maple comes with Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags right from the start. If you find you need more than the provided amount for any of the Organizer features you can increase your limits for each (purchase is required). Check out the Maple Store to see what options work for you.