A quick internet search shows the well documented benefits of journaling, so it makes sense to add this healthy habit to your daily routine. Maple is built to make sure that you can do that in a secure, private, and convenient place.

Each journal entry has room for your entry and a date. Once you begin your entry you’ll see a word count appears just below the entry box on the right side. Like everything in Maple, the Organizer and Thought Partner features are also available in any journal.

Tips: You can type in an earlier date for a Journal Entry.

You can start your free Personal Journal in Maple right from the start. If you want to keep additional separate journals there are options available in the Maple Store for a Dream Journal, a Stress Journal or a package of five customizable journals (purchase is required).

Tips: You can rename your personal journal or any custom journal.

Check out the Maple How To: Using Your Journal for step by step instructions.