Features are the things that you can do with Maple. As a rule of thumb, they are how to create your Stuff. Most Features have a free version or a free trial option so that you can try it out. We’ve designed them to be flexible, use them the way you want to!

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The benefits of journaling are well known, from stress management to self study. Maple gives you a free personal journal that is secure, private and easy to use.


Maple lets you record your favorite quotes because we recognize they can be a source of inspiration, recreation or contemplation for you. The need to be inspired can happen at any time. Or anywhere.

Find out more about how Quotes work in Maple.


Notes is a flexible feature that lets you capture something and easily come back to it when you are ready. Perfect for when you are on the go and don’t want to forget what’s on your mind.


One of the benefits of journaling is the chance to think deeply (or reflect) on different topics. Sometimes we need a prompt on exactly what to bring our attention to when we journal. This is where the Reflections included in Maple are especially helpful.

Thought Partners

The Thought Partners feature allows you to share individual entries that you select with another Maple user, without giving that person access to all of your Maple Stuff. It was designed to enable collaboration and sharing while giving you complete control over what you share and what’s private to just you.


Categories and Tags

We talk a lot about using Maple to help manage what you have on your mind. Which sounds like a great idea, only how do you get started?

Here are some quick tips on what you can do with Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags and how to use them.