What Maple Does

What exactly can Maple do? We’re so glad you asked!  We know that when you have a lot of options it helps to have a little direction.

Maple is made up of:

  • Features – that let you add and create in Maple, and
  • Functions – that are a natural part of how Maple was designed to work

Use the pages below to learn more about Features and Functions.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Blog for examples of how Maple is used in real life.

Go ahead, explore what Maple can do for you.


The Features pages of Maple Insider help you discover the options and capabilities that Maple offers. Each page gives an overview of what it can do along with a few tips and tricks. There are also links to How To pages that you give you step by step instructions for using that Feature.


The Functions pages help you to understand how some the essential parts of the system were built, like Privacy or Help. Each Function page gives you an explanation of what it does and How To use it.