Put Maple to Work for You

Everyone says that personal growth is hard work. We agree, it can be. Give yourself an advantage by making it less complicated and even a bit more fun.

Maple Works for Your Journey

Everyone’s journey and goals are unique. Maple was built to accommodate different needs as your own path changes. Whether it is counseling, coaching, career development, formal education or self help there are tools in Maple to help. Select the ones that match your needs and use them the way it makes sense for you.

Here’s What Maple Gives You

Maple gives you tools, but what kind of tools? You’ll find Journals, Stress & Sleep Trackers, Reflection Prompts, space for Quotes, Notes or random Thoughts and resources for Self-study/learning. Get organized with Categories, Sub-categories and Tags for your work. Lots of options to make personal growth more achievable.

How it Helps You

We can’t say exactly how it will help you because you can use it lots of different ways. But we can say it offers you a place to capture and manage your ideas. It nudges you along with your insights. It keeps you on target with reminders. It gives you a safe way to share ideas with other trusted Maple users you choose – to get perspective and support without the risk of social media trolls and backlash. It’s a safe environment to meet your deepest thoughts.

Ready to Meet Maple? Just click here to get started. Its that easy!