Family Tree

We like to keep things simple, so Maple was inspired and created by a tiny little team. Meet those of us that brought Maple to life, and find out more about our perspectives on life and how Maple fits in to it all.

Master Mind & Multitasker

This one blurted out a crazy idea – we call it Maple now. Who thinks like that?


Mad Scientist & Master Builder

This is the one who made Maple come to life.  How’d he do that?


Arborist & Voice of Reason

This is the one who makes sure we get stuff right.  She’s gonna inspire you!

Meet Crys

Crys Wood is the proofreader and editor at Paper Crane Publishing who’s made a career of her love of words and innate pickiness. She lives not-so-quietly in Big Sky Country with her sweet and cranky old man, a cat who is more of the same, and stacks and stacks of books.

Crys loves Maple for journaling, stress tracking, and collecting quotations. She created the Consider It Reflections package to encourage Maplers to ponder, wonder, and think again.

Scott’s Spot

Scott is the master builder behind Maple. In his previous life, Scott worked as an enterprise software development consultant and team manager with a wide variety of expertise, ranging from database design to user interface development, and from system integration to project rehabilitation. After 20+ years working on corporate teams Scott began to want more; realizing that he wanted to work on something that helped people (not companies) become the best versions of themselves. Enter Maple, a project for the people.

Today, Scott keeps quite busy juggling all the technical pieces that make Maple possible; optimizing databases, managing multiple device apps, and designing and coding a whole list of new features to bring to Maple as quickly as possible.

Scott plans to visit the Maple Insider as often as possible to talk about what it’s like to build an app that is meant to encourage, inspire, and trigger insight.


Chris’ Corner

Christine is a consultant, coach and collaborator.  After working in the Learning and Development/Change Management space for most of her 20+ year career she realized the power and importance of Ahh-Ha Moments. She also recognized those moments are often not fully leveraged because they aren’t nurtured into course altering actions.

Her vision is a tool to nudge people towards the insights that are just out of reach; connecting their deeper thoughts and truest selves to make big leaps forward.  A place that life-long learners, like herself, could go to and tuck away their notes, thoughts and big Ahh-Ha Moments for easy, accessible safe keeping.

Cue Maple. 

While bringing Maple to life she became its first Proof of Concept, finding a life path that combines her passion for personal growth with technology that helps enable it. As Maple takes root and grows Chris hopes to connect with people, further encouraging and enabling them as they move ahead.  Onward!