Meet Maple

What is Maple? Its your secret weapon for personal growth. No matter how you pursue that growth or what you want to accomplish Maple helps you make it happen.

It’s a collection of tools that let you know yourself better by helping to identify and internalize your own insights. It’s the place to connect with your own thoughts, without the clutter and distraction that happens on social media. Then use Maple to organize and curate those insights to propel yourself towards your goals.

It can make the hard work of personal growth a little more fun and easier to manage.

Family Tree

Meet the team that took a little idea and turned it into Maple!

The Maple Story

Sometimes all it takes is a little idea and then something great happens. Here’s how Maple came to be.

What We’re Loving Right Now

We’re all on our own journey but sometimes we find resources that are so good, we just gotta share. This is where you’ll find the books, articles, courses, blogs and anything else that we think is worthy of your consideration. Maybe they won’t be a great fit but we’re hoping you’ll love them too.